PEOPLE NEWS: Lumio, Cotopaxi, Swig, and St. George Area Economic Development

Can't get enough brightly colored, beautifully designed outdoor gear? Me neither. Cotopaxi is still headed up, up, up, having added over 50 people to their team in the last 12 months.

Davis Smith, Cotopaxi's CEO and Founder, recently announced three senior executives- Cindy Grönberg Moldin as VP of Brand, Liz Peixoto as VP of Product, and Julie Bartlett as Chief Legal Officer.

Let's hear it for the ladies! Cotopaxi is looking to hire 80+ team members at the corporate level, so keep your eyes open and fleece jackets zipped.

Solar biggie Lumio has announced David Burggraaf as the newly appointed chief technology officer.

Burggraaf most recently held the position of CTO at Workfront, and has a slew of other senior leadership positions under his belt.

St. George Area Economic Development welcomes John Minnick as their new executive director. A Utah native but recently hailing from Las Vegas, Minnick has worked in economic development for over 20 years.

“Whether you’ve just started a business, and need capital to produce more product to meet growing demand,” Minnick said, “I want to be a resource. If you’re an established business looking to expand into new markets, I can help with that, too, among many other things.” (St. George News)

Raise your hand if you love soda/cookie drive-thrus. Most of us? Yes. Swig and Savory Restaurant Fund are pleased to announce Romney Stewart as the new CEO.

With over 40 stores across the Western United States, Swig is a premier contender in the soda consumption game. Sign me up, take my money, give me soda and cookies.

Congrats to Utah's latest and greatest!

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