Provo-Based Startup Outbox Systems Announces Funding Deal With Infinite Investments

Funding is validation of our cloud integration vision.

Outbox Systems announced a funding deal with Infinite Investments earlier this afternoon. As this was a private placement deal, the terms were undisclosed.

“Funding is validation of our cloud integration vision,” Ryan Westwood, CEO of Outbox Systems, said in a statement. “Integration between SaaS platforms is being driven by the enterprise market to create cohesive data and workflow between teams and departments. Outbox sees tremendous demand to tie SaaS platforms together with custom data attributes and specific business rules for each integration. The opportunity for integration services and development is outstanding.”

Outbox Systems will be utilizing the funds to make additional hires, increase office space, and further development.

“This funding is a validation of our vision and immediate revenue opportunity. In the short term, it will fuel growth with new hires and additional space,” Brad Warnock, Vice President of Business Development at Outbox Systems, told Beehive Startups in an email interview. “In the long term, Outbox sees a thriving market in cloud integration that will create a variety of SaaS and integration opportunities.”

The company believes the funding deal will allow them to continue to procure talent and resources while remaining in Provo, Utah.

“Outbox sees Utah County as a tech hub for SaaS and entrepreneurship. We are able to find talent and skill sets that will enable great growth for Outbox right here in Utah County,” said Warnock.

Founded in 2014, Outbox Systems makes software that connects popular enterprise-level SaaS platforms such as AtTask, Salesforce, and others with back-office systems such as Oracle and SAP.

Published 5/7/2015

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