SolarWinds to bring 1,000 jobs, $1.4 billion in wages to Utah


By Joey Ferguson

SALT LAKE CITY — SolarWinds Inc., a Texas-based IT management software company, will add more than 1,000 jobs and $1.4 billion in wages to Utah over 20 years as it brings its operation to the state.

“Utah’s Information & Technology strategic industry cluster has shown great strength through the recession and is showing considerable growth as Utah leads the nation in its economic recovery,” Spencer Eccles, Executive Director of GOED said in a statement. “SolarWinds is a great addition to that market sector and they will find our Utah workforce second to none.”

The company will keep its headquarters in Austin, but is opening a facility that will pay 125 percent of the county’s average annual wage, or about $55,508 per year, according to a statement from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to establish our strategic, western location in Utah,” said Kevin Thompson, chief executive officer of SolarWinds, in the statement. “The commitment and cooperation shown by GOED, along with the available deep and talented technology employment base, have been important indicators not only of the strength of the area, but also the potential of a meaningful, long-term relationship between SolarWinds and the State of Utah.”

SolarWinds creates IT management software that helps professionals with issues from basic network availability to cloud computing.

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