Sunworks Quietly Moves its Headquarters to Provo After its Acquisition of Solcius

Some six months after Sunworks acquired Provo, Utah-based Solcius for $51.8 million in cash, Sunworks has quietly moved its headquarters from Roseville, California to Provo.

As noted by the company in its early June news release, Sunworks (NasdaqCM:SUNW) had already

"... consolidated the Sunworks residential team into Solcius, embracing their systems and practices."

The release further explained that such consolidation of corporate-wide support services included

  1. Accounting,
  2. Finance,
  3. HR,
  4. Purchasing,
  5. IT, and
  6. Marketing,

and was slated to happen by the end of Q3.

So given that it's now the fourth quarter, we're all good, right?

Except that when Sunworks put out a news release last week announcing the addition of two C-Level execs, the dateline of the release read PROVO, UT and NOT Roseville, California.

When I dug a bit further, it turns out that Sunworks  most recent Form 8-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission noted that the company had changed its "Principal Executive Offices" since its last SEC filing in mid-August. A-ha!

In other words ... without fanfare ... Utah has gained a significant player in the solar power industry with a special focus on the residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial, federal, and public works markets.

That being the case, welcome to Utah and Silicon Slopes, Sunworks.

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