Teem Named Among Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2017

“Employees want and need to be more productive, more efficient, and happier.”

Inc. Magazine named Teem (Formerly EventBoard) one of the best workplaces. Teem is a cloud-based software and analytics platform for meeting management and analysis.

“We are honored to be given such a distinction that goes to the core of not only who we are as a company, but what we offer as a service,” CEO Shaun Ritchie says. “At Teem, we empower businesses to create their own best workplaces. To be recognized by a publication such as Inc. reinforces our mission. While our focus is on producing a platform that focuses on increased productivity and efficiently, it’s just as important to establish an environment that inspires employees and empowers them to strive for success.”

More than 2,000 customers — from small businesses to enterprise — leverage Teem’s technology to foster more productive and efficient meetings. Nearly 20 percent of the Top 50 Best Workplaces recognized by Inc. Magazine are Teem customers, including Elite SEM, Health Catalyst, Reliance Partners, Service Express, Silverline, Sempli.fi, Terminus, Tier1 Performance Solutions and Wpromote.

I asked CEO Ritchie what he sees in a top workplace and how he thinks business leaders can establish an environment that keeps employees happy and engaged, because he’s clearly someone who knows.

He told me that employees need something meaningful to work on. “We definitely have a mantra of making sure we’re providing meaningful things to work on,” Ritchie says. “Employees want and need to be more productive, more efficient, and happier.”

Ritchie also explains that employers need to provide the recourses for employees to get their work done. “It’s about prioritizing where we spend the limited recourses we have,” he says, explaining that at Teem they choose to spend money on good seating, and less on desks and other furnishings.

And, of course, using Teem helps companies create happier employees and better workplaces. “We’re providing technology that helps reduce friction. People are naturally attracted to that,” Ritchie says. “We’re helping them have a better workplace experience.”

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