Velosimo Raises $11 Million To Help Government Agencies Improve Constituent Communications And Engagement

With over 70 government clients today and its new $11MM round of Series A funding in hand, Herriman, Utah-based Velosimo looks to accelerate sales and adoption of its government agency SaaS platform of over 40 application integrations.

Okay readers: Get ready. Here’s funding news from another Utah-based company, and chances are you’ve probably never heard of this company before.

The company in question is Velosimo, a four year old, Herriman, Utah-based Software-as-a-Service company that targets government agencies with an online platform designed to make it easier for them to quickly and successfully launch and implement online applications and tools.

According to last week’s company news release, Velosimo has closed on an $11 million round of Series A funding.

The funding round was led by Macquarie Capital Principal Finance, with participation from Valor Equity Partners.

Since its founding in 2018, Velosimo has landed over 70 state and local government agencies as clients, ranging from the state of California and Washington, D.C. to San Diego, California and El Paso, Texas.

{NOTE: Since the start of May 2022, Velosimo has announced six new contracts with government entities:

  1. Marana, Arizona;
  2. Ontario, California;
  3. Richland, Washington;
  4. Monterey Bay, Air Resources District (California);
  5. UC Davis (California); and
  6. Lancaster, California.}

Velosimo’s Target and Secret Sauce

As one might expect, there is a growing list of software companies that develop applications specifically for government entities, which makes tons of sense.

However, getting said applications to “play nice with each other” and/or be easy to install/integrate with a citywide website or the citizen-facing website of a specific agency, such as a police department or public utilities agency, is often easier said than done.

Naturally, the larger the population base served by a given city, county, state, or specific government department or agency, the more difficult such integration can be, especially if there are multiple applications being implemented by said governmental entity.

A more complete, but not comprehensive, showcase of Velosimo clientele as shown in its YouTube video of 13 May 2021. Image captured 27 July 2022.

From my perspective of this scenario, Velosimo’s sales pitch is pretty straightforward:

Velosimo provides the interface that fits between your website(s) and the governmental software applications you have selected and makes those integrations as fast, painless, and successful as possible – without coding.

Velossimo calls its platform iPaaS, or Integration Platform-as-a-Service.

According to its website, Velosimo’s iPaaS works with 11 different, off-the-shelf government technology companies,

  1. Accela,
  3. Cartegraph,
  4. Cityworks,
  5. Forte,
  6. ESRI,
  7. Laserfiche,
  8. LexisNexis,
  9. OpenCounter, and
  10. Springbrook,

with integrations with over 40 different applications ranging from digital citizen services to electronic signatures and from finance to payments.

A more complete showcase of Velosimo software integrations as shown in its YouTube video of 13 May 2021. Image captured 27 July 2022.

According to Velosimo Founder and CEO, Kris Trujillo,

“We believe our online experiences with government agencies should be as easy as with retail providers. Broken integration between government software platforms has hindered agencies in providing this level of online customer experience. Velosimo solves this challenge for agencies.”

With the new funding in hand, Velosimo plans to accelerate its sales efforts and expand its best-in-class integration platform.

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