Village Capital launches VilCap Communities

By Jordan Phelps

Village Capital, an entrepreneurship development firm that helps entrepreneurs network and collaborate, is hosting a local event to further their goals. The event, which will be held Friday March 18 from 1–7 pm at the Impact Hub in Salt Lake, will discuss the future of entrepreneurship and the launch of their VilCap Communities initiative.

The VilCap Communities initiative, launched during the event, is designed to help reboot the American Dream across the nation. According to the website, the future of entrepreneurship lies in supporting entrepreneurs tackling real world problems relevant to their communities’ strengths. Attendees will be able to hear how community leaders from around the country are solving problems and forming a better future because of their work.

The keynote speaker for the event, Steve Case, co-founded AOL and is currently the CEO of Revolution. He will discuss the past, present, and future of entrepreneurship using his own experiences as an investor. He will also highlight how the next generation of Internet entrepreneurs can solve problems worldwide.

Click here to learn more about the event.

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