RoviTracker: The Link Between Humans And Equipment

“In a quick glance the user can know what is going on.”

While Alain Eav consulted for a heavy equipment manufacturer, he learned what a nightmare it can be to manage equipment. “The industry likes to keep things pretty simple,” Eav explains. “That means using a whiteboard or magnetic board to keep track of their equipment, client, service record, rental dates, etc.” You know what seems risky to me? Keeping track of insanely expensive machinery ON A WHITEBOARD. AN ERASABLE WHITEBOARD. You get one disgruntled employee with a paper towel and you’re toast.

But historically, alternative options have been limited. “Even if software was available, it was archaic and expensive. Not to mention it required intensive training because it was complicated,” Eav says. He explains that because organization systems were chaotic and because the equipment is used on remote job sites, manufacturers were often unsure of where their equipment was, when it was last serviced, and when they could expect client invoices.

So, using his experience as a system integrator for over twenty years and as a general manager for a heavy equipment manufacturer, Eav launched RoviTracker in July of last year.

RoviTracker clients install a small device onto the equipment they want to monitor. The RoviTracker device uses the Verizon cell network to send data to the client’s dashboard. The client can use the cloud-based platform to identify equipment location, battery voltage, engine runtime, fuel level, cab temperature, and more. “In a quick glance the user can know what is going on,” Eav says.

RoviTracker particapted in the Spring 2016 BoomStartup and has received funding from angel investors as well as Varkain out of Las Vegas. The company currently has 38 clients and just landed a major Utah client.

“Our goal is to be the link between humans and equipment. We want companies who use industrial equipment to ask, ‘Does it have a RoviTracker?”

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