The Craft of The Craft(s)

“This is about our craft. It’s about why we do what we do.”

Today, Culinary Crafts released the second episode of their YouTube series The Crafts, and the world got a little hungrier.

I personally have been salivating since watching Episode 1:
And I’m afraid by the time I get through all six episodes, I’ll have consumed everything in my house and possibly lit a few things on fire. Because the series makes me not only want to eat all the things, but it makes me want to try every technique I see.

Culinary Crafts has long been Utah’s premiere catering company, and these videos are founder Mary Crafts’ way of both leaving a legacy and ushering in a new, promising era for the business. “I want these videos to launch the next generation of Culinary Crafts. I want the world to know Culinary Crafts is in just as good of hands in the second generation as it was in the first.”

The leaders of that second generation are Crafts’ sons Ryan and Kaleb, both of whom are featured in the videos, and both of whom share their mother’s passion for food. “It’s time to let them lead now and let them experience all those things that I’ve experienced,” she says.

But don’t panic. Mary isn’t going anywhere. She’s stepping back, not stepping away. “I’m more excited about what I’m doing today than I ever have been,” she says. Which helps explain why someone so busy would take on a task as daunting as producing six high-quality, insanely entertaining videos.

It’s not something you can just pull together in an afternoon. For each shoot, Crafts and her team block out the entire day, get all their chefs in one room, and try their best to line up their shots. But despite all their organized efforts, sometimes there’s just no telling what food is going to do. So they keep the cameras rolling. “Once the eggs go in the mixing bowl, the only way to get them back out is to start all over again,” Crafts explains. “We let ourselves be real. We show vulnerability and excitement. When you’re passion driven, mistakes don’t matter. They carry you on and make your passion greater.”

“This is about our craft. It’s about what we do,” Crafts says. With the largest off-premise catering company in the state, 13 Best of State titles, and one international catering award, Crafts has proven that Culinary Crafts is more than just the food they make and these videos are evidence. “The passion, love and creating an experience for those around us is what carried us to where we are now,” she says. “We don’t sell food. We sell life experience.”

Watch for the next four videos in months to come. If you think you can handle it.

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