The World’s Largest 3-D Color Printing Company Is WhiteClouds And It Resides In Ogden, UT

“We’re taking manufacturing to the future.”

WhiteClouds founder Jerry Ropelato had a medical condition and was told it might be cancer. He wanted to have a better understanding — and visual — of what he was up against. He knew the data and and technology already existed to make an actual model of his condition, he just needed to marry the two together. “That’s really what drove him to found WhiteClouds,” Says Braden Ellis, WhiteClouds Chief Revenue Officer.

Since then WhiteClouds has become the largest full color 3D printing company in the world and has raised $900,000+ on wefunder toward their $1,000,000 goal.

“We provide an infrastructure as a service,” Ellis says. “The demand on the market place for personalized goods is exploding.” He explains that it doesn’t make sense for most companies to build their own 3D printing facilities, since the technology is too expensive and too unreliable. “We’ve made the investment and we have all the technology to mass market immediately,” he says.

So far WhiteClouds has had the biggest impact in the medical space. Using WhiteClouds’ 3D printing services, surgeons can visualize exactly what they’ll be seeing in surgery and increase patient confidence. Dr. Quigley explains it far better than I ever could:

As can Ella’s parents :
“In healthcare alone, there’s huge potential. Our services change people’s lives,” Ellis says.

WhiteClouds has also made a splash in the architectural space with their ability to print models of homes before they are built. “It helps people know exactly what they want in the largest purchase of their life,” Ellis says.

In order to provide clients the reliability 3D printing has historically lacked, WhiteClouds printed thousands of objects to learn how to improve and perfect the process.

“We are a manufacturing company,” Ellis says. “We’re taking manufacturing to the future.”

And they’re doing it in a place they love, Ogden, Utah. “The startup scene in Ogden is pretty exciting,” Ellis says. “We love being part of the Utah tech scene.”

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