Utah Child Care Cooperative Provides Free Child Care at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

The Utah Child Care Cooperative (UC3) has partnered with Silicon Slopes to offer onsite child care at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit for parents who would like to attend but may otherwise have not been able to do so. A full sponsorship by Workfront means that child care is free. High quality care is being provided by Canny Kids.

UC3 exists to give parents the support necessary to follow their dreams, and businesses the tools to make it easy to offer child care solutions to their workforce. Parents that want to stay relevant in this ever-changing, fast-paced industry now have the opportunity to attend Utah’s premier tech industry event.

Children ages 12 months to 8 years are welcome to come to the event.Children will engage in age appropriate crafts, games, and social activities during their stay with snacks provided every 2 hours. Registration details will be open to the public January 20. Space is limited.

In an economy where two incomes are increasingly necessary to afford the cost of living, starting a family means realizing the cost of child care discourages full workforce participation by both parents, even if both are willing. In fact, 52% of Utah families with children under the age of 6 years have both parents in the workforce and 44% of parents would be likely to increase workforce or college participation if more quality, affordable child care options existed.

Industry leaders know that in order to stay competitive and fill their workforce gaps, offering increased access to child care solutions and family-friendly policies are necessary as 83% of millennials have said they would leave their job for one with more family-friendly benefits.

Child care solutions does not have to mean on-site child care; UC3 has compiled dozens of strategies that optimize workforce participation for any type or size of business.

To learn more about UC3, visit www.UC3.care.

To register for child care at SSTS20, click here.

For more information contact founder and executive director Page Checketts: 801-318-8632 or page@uc3.care.

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